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Hi everyone ^_^ My name is Kimberlin Ann. Welcome to my blog

See, unlike the rest of the free world, I didn't get here by accident. And if your parents have you for a reason, then that reason better exist. Because once it's gone, so are you.

I enjoy watching the sky, sunset and the stars. It makes me more relaxed and forget about all my worries.

I have Scoleciphobia. So bear with me if I panic when I see those things.

Usually I am silent, but if you talk, the game has just begun :)

I gave up a lot of things for me to start a new life in this new place.

I enjoy laughing.

I love when two people look at the same thing but see something different.

I get overly excited about small things.

I miss living by the beach.

Perfect is boring

I go with the flow.

I like to be organized.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do.

Call me weird, but I do believe that aliens once inhabit in our planet.

I'm skeptical about December 21, 2012

You'll never see me anywhere during the daytime. I'm a night person :)

Stopping time through photography.








this is so fucked up

For the love of god

I’ve smoked only about 4 ciggs in my life and this already makin me wanna stop

It looks like someone is blowing air into a rotting plum


this needs to be seen by everyone

I smoked for a long time and its terrible. I dont anymore and the difference in my daily life is astounding. I can breathe so much better. Also lets not forget that once you start that addiction doesnt go away. Its been over a year since ive completely quit and its a struggle every day.

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I thought we only got a day dedicated to nurses!
Happy Nurses Week my fellow nurses!


I thought we only got a day dedicated to nurses!

Happy Nurses Week my fellow nurses!

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Happy Nurse Week to all my fellow nurses :) 


Happy Nurse Week to all my fellow nurses :) 

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This is what each and every nurse should be receiving this week:

I hope that you get it in some form. 

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Got HIV? Take Some Time to Celebrate National Nurses Week

Shawn Decker: “It was often nurses who cared for the first generation of people who succumbed to the onslaught of HIV.  When friends and family were too scared to show up, it was the nurse who provided comfort, [back] when doctors were providing no answers or solutions to what was happening.”

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Nurses Week


Nurses Week

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“When you work with the most unhelpful nurse ever…”

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My response when a physician asks me to get supplies and they can see with their eyes that I’m eating lunch.



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16 hour shifts



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“You process a lot of information without your awareness. For instance, when you read this, you don’t notice much of the background when in reality your subconscious mind picks up background info. This is also why sometimes when you dream, you dream about things that you may have seen (but you just don’t realize it).”
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When my patient’s family asks how I keep all the IV bags straight, I’m just like



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When you’re all gowned up and waiting on someone to bring you extra supplies.



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Fluid Management

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