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Hi everyone ^_^ My name is Kimberlin Ann. Welcome to my blog

See, unlike the rest of the free world, I didn't get here by accident. And if your parents have you for a reason, then that reason better exist. Because once it's gone, so are you.

I enjoy watching the sky, sunset and the stars. It makes me more relaxed and forget about all my worries.

I have Scoleciphobia. So bear with me if I panic when I see those things.

Usually I am silent, but if you talk, the game has just begun :)

I gave up a lot of things for me to start a new life in this new place.

I enjoy laughing.

I love when two people look at the same thing but see something different.

I get overly excited about small things.

I miss living by the beach.

Perfect is boring

I go with the flow.

I like to be organized.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do.

Call me weird, but I do believe that aliens once inhabit in our planet.

I'm skeptical about December 21, 2012

You'll never see me anywhere during the daytime. I'm a night person :)

Stopping time through photography.